Grants to Help 911 Call Centers

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration within the Department of Commerce and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) posted a grant notice on August 3, 2018.

The “”911 Grant Program” estimated at almost $110 million will be used to help 911 call centers across the U.S upgrade equipment and operations to Next Generation (NG911) capabilities. With these upgrades, citizens, first responders, and 911 call-takers will be able to use modern communications technology such as text messaging and video calls during emergencies. NG911   will allow first responders to quickly connect with key health and government services

The Grant Opportunity Notice (NHTSA-NTIA-911-Grant-Program-2018) will enable migration to an IP-enabled emergency network in order to establish the application layer software infrastructure needed to interconnect the multitude of emergency response organizations.

The program has a two-step applications process to be submitted by September 10, 2018 to Following the application submission, NTIA and NHTSA will publish preliminary funding allocations for applicants that meet the certification requirements along with the deadline for the second application step.

Go to for details on how eligible states, territories, and tribal organizations that can apply for funding.

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