State Organizations Sharing Data

Three of Colorado’s clinical health data organizations are partnering with Denver-based BurstiQ to aggregate, consolidate, and share clinical quality measure data across the state. The partnering organizations include the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (CORHIO), Quality Health Network (QHN), and the Colorado Community Managed Care Network (CCMCN)

This project is funded by the State Innovation Model (SIN) which is a federally funded initiative to help primary care practices and four community mental health centers integrate behavioral and physical health and how to succeed with alternative payment models.

This partnership is the first collaboration to leverage blockchain for HIPAA-compliant data aggregation and reporting in Colorado. BurstiQ’s secure blockchain-based platform will enable CORHIO, QHN, and CCMCN to maintain direct control over their respective data assets while enabling the consolidation and contextualization needed to report electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQM) for SIM. They will also be the first to test the eCQM solution, designed to help providers extract data from eCQMs and report the data to multiple payers.

BurstiQ has been able to solve two fundamental challenges that have prevented blockchain from being used in healthcare to support large volumes of data. This transformational platform is now able to ingest and coordinate Big Data across disparate sources, manage complex data permission structures, and perform near real-time data transactions.

“CORHIO is honored to be a part of the collaborative project that will enable improved quality measures reporting for behavioral and physical health providers participating in SIM. The state is leading the way to enable practices to participate in the transition to advanced payment models” said, Morgan Honea, CEO for CORHIO.

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