Data Integration Challenges Executives

It was found in a survey that due to system and integration challenges, 44 percent of health IT executives are unable to use all available data which is costing health and human services agencies an estimated $342 billion loss per year.

MeriTalk, a public private partnership focusing on government IT, surveyed 155 IT executives and program managers in conjunction with MarkLogic, a software company. The survey results were just released in an E-Guide titled “Infrastructure Stability Starts with Data Integration”.

The E-guide contains a range of issues reported by IT executives and program managers from health and human services agencies. The survey found that when it comes to eligibility and verification of healthcare beneficiaries and managers, the biggest challenge is to deal with data integration.

The E-Guide points out that the first step is to improve access to data with efficient healthcare infrastructure. Christopher Hutchins, Associate Vice President of Healthcare Analytics at Northwell Health in New York, discussed this issue in depth with SearchHealthIT, a site operating as a how to guide to help health IT organizations

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