Ukrainian’s Medical Device Market Growing

The Ukrainian medical device market estimated at $661.7 million as of 2020 is growing. While COVID-19 negatively impacted the market in 2020, a series of health finance reforms in the Ukraine has enabled experienced significant growth over the last several years.

Health finance reforms have helped the country’s hospital sector, World Bank support has helped, and the Ministry of Health’s expansion plans for rural areas are expected to contribute to substantial market growth in 2021 and beyond.

Recent programs have retooled facilities in priority areas for healthcare delivery to include imaging, radiation, and robotics surgery technologies. Primary and emergency care facilities in pilot regions have also been retooled for future needs.

The biggest portion of the market is via the state funded centralized procurement program and regionalized healthcare programs. The domestic industry continues to develop with limited resources but currently up to 80% of medical equipment is imported providing opportunities for exporters.

About 250 companies are developing and producing medical equipment in the Ukraine. Domestic medical device production is estimated at $170.2 million in 2021. Consumables, such as masks have contributed to the growth.

Ukraine continues to move towards harmonization with European standards in the field of medical equipment/devices. In July 2015, a national conformity assessment procedure governing the registration of medical devices was introduced. New products can now enter the Ukrainian medical device market if they conform to technical regulations based on the EU Directives for medical devices.

Leading Sub-Sectors are:

  • Diagnostic imaging equipment (ultrasound, computer tomography, magnetic resonance tomography)
  • Laser surgery devices
  • Stents, pacemakers, and other equipment used to treat heart conditions
  • Orthopedics and prosthetics
  • Pulmonary (ventilation machines)
  • Patient monitoring


American suppliers interested in current public procurement opportunities in the Ukraine may register for notifications at the Ukrainian Public Procurement’s official National Web Portal PROZORRO.

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