Mental Health Platform Formed

Mental Health America, a community nonprofit has announced that in 2021 almost a quarter 923.6% of all adults with a mental illness reported that they were not able to receive the treatment they needed.

Healthcare payers are increasingly focused on partnering with behavioral health providers to expand access to quality behavioral care that integrates in-person, virtual, and digital care options.

The Transformations Care Network, announced their formation as a leading outpatient mental health platform. The Network was formed through the merger of NorthEast Health Services (MA), InterCare Psychiatric Services (PA), GR&W Health and My Transformations (PA,WV, and AL).

The Transformations Care Network was formed to draw together behavioral health practices operating outpatient mental health practices employing more than 400 psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists across four states.

The goal for the Network is to draw together behavioral health practices and clinical leaders that share a vision for accessible, engaging, in-network community-based services. The plan is to provide the tools, resources, and technology needed to empower clinicians to deliver evidence-based effective care within their communities and beyond.

The Network now provides access to behavioral healthcare services including outpatient mental health treatment, telehealth counseling, psychiatric evaluations, medication management, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and ketamine treatment for depression.

CEO Brian Wheelan CEO, Transformations Care Network said, “We are committed to supporting our entire team to ensure that these services are not only accessible to those that seek them, but that we address the needs of our clients throughout each of their interactions with our organization.”

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