New Mobile App Launched

The Mount Sinai Health System in NY is using a first of its kind mobile app to expedite and improve care for patients experiencing heart attacks.

The app developed by Mount Sinai’s interventional cardiologists, ED physicians, and nursing team, improves communication among doctors, nurses, and the clinical command center.

The app called STEMicathAID, targets patients with a complete blockage of a major heart artery, known as ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction or STEMl. When a patient arrives at the Mount Sinai Queens ED with chest pain and suspected to have a STEMl, the physician opens the app and taps a “raise alarm” button.

They then perform an EKG and upload the results along with the patient’s basic information. The app sends an instant notification to the on-call interventional cardiology physician at Mount Sinai Hospital and the transfer center.

The on-call physician reviews the information and decides if the patient needs a Cath lab procedure. If so, the on-call cardiac catheterization team receives an immediate notification through the app. All cardiac team members log in and begin communicating with the team in Queens through a HIPAA-compliant chat or video call.

As the patient gets moved to the ambulance and driven to the Mount Sinai Hospital, the Cath lab team can track the progress through the app while preparing the room and equipment for the emergency procedure.

The app also prompts nurses and physicians to give discharged patients the proper information about medication, diet, and follow-up care, including the post heart attack recommendations of the American Heart Association.

Go to for more information on the STEMlcathAID  app.

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