Providing Hematology Consults

Steven Fein MD, Medical Director, for HEME Onc Call, a hematology and oncology telemedicine practice, speaking at the Global Partnership for TeleHealth webinar, discussed how passionate he is to help patients with blood disorders, blood cancers, and solid tumor malignancies.

After working in hospital-based hematology/oncology for 15 years, he created HEME Onc Call to provide medical professionals specialized in hematology with information on how to use telemedicine to interface with specialists in hospitals.

According to Dr. Fein, “Today inpatients in every hospital need access to expert hematology and oncology specialists sometimes right away. Today the company provides hematology and oncology inpatient telemedicine consultations 24/7  for hospitals that have no or limited services such as in the case of many rural hospitals.

It is essential for patients with hematology disorders to not only see hematology experts, it is necessary to manage rare hematology conditions, including ITP, myeloproliferative disorders, and autoimmune hemolytic anemia in a consistent and practical way.

As the doctor mentioned, “It is very important to identify and mange patients with APL leukemia, who don’t always have access to life-saving care. HEME Onc Call also offers 2nd opinion consults for patients who want to learn about more options for blood disorders or cancer.”

The company also helps ERs in hospitals design efficient management plans for hematology and oncology issues, which can result in reducing the time to do procedures and help to shorten the length of stay.

As Dr. Fein summed up, “It is very important to provide telemedicine consults to help patients discharged from the hospital move to their home. HEME ONC Call helps with discharge planning by offering next-day telemedicine follow-up. This makes it possible to receive care at home by connecting with a heme/onc expert quickly and frequently on their homecare via telemedicine.”

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