TruClinic Expanding Telehealth Services

TruClinic™ located in Salt Lake City is vastly expanding their reach of their cloud-based telehealth portal by establishing a partnership with Bennett Group International. This collaboration will enable practitioners and patients to have video-based online visits and consultations with just a computing device, internet connection, and a webcam. 

Former Senator Bob Bennett created the Bennett Group in 2011, after leaving government service. TruClinic’s CEO Justin Kahn commented, “Partnering with the Bennett Group is an exciting development because of the wide array of companies and government relations they bring to the table.”

In another recent development, TruClinic was awarded a Phase II Technology Commercialization and Innovation Program (TCIP) grant through the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development. The grant funding will help to expand the types of care remotely available to the Goshute Indian Reservation in the state through the TruClinic telehealth portal.

Phase II will enable the company to partner with Satellite Country to provide satellite internet to all homes on the Goshute reservation free of cost for one year. In addition, all healthcare providers who deliver care to the tribe will now be able to access their patients through the portal. The use of TruClinic’s telehealth portal is vital since access to necessary care has been unavailable due to the extreme remoteness of the Goshute reservation.

Previously, TruClinic was awarded a Phase I of the TCIP grant in 2012 to help the Goshutes via technology  receive mental health  counseling services from Arnold Thomas, a Chaplain, and a member of the Shoshone-Paulute Tribes. He provides counseling for Native Americans across North America.

TruClinic is further expanding their telehealth and telemedicine reach throughout the Intermountain region. The company in May, announced a joint collaboration with the University of Utah’s Department of Telemedicine and is now conducting four pilot projects in Salt Lake City and throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

So far, the university has deployed TruClinic’s technology in four of their clinics at their main hospital in Salt Lake City, These clinics include Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Pediatric Urology, Neurology, and Medication Management. University physicians are able to use telemedicine to care for patients that have to travel to rural outpatient clinics.

For more information, go to or email Justin Kahn at or call 877-340-0410.

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