Medical Incubator Launched

Palomar Health located in Northern San Diego County and Qualcomm Life, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Inc. has launched Glassomics, an incubator to explore the application of a wearable computing medicine. The initial glassware prototypes will be led by Sparseware, a San Diego-based software engineering firm.   

An innovation lab will be established to explore next generation mobile applications that incorporate wearable technology across the clinical and consumer sectors. The partnership will enable new technologically advanced devices to be developed in the way that Google Glass wearable items can potentially be used in healthcare.

This could mean that the development of mobile applications and software for medical staff and physicians could change the way patient information is viewed.  “Wearable technology holds tremendous potential and we are dedicated to exploring applications that create opportunities to improve biometric data and wireless health management,” said Donald Jones, Vice President of Global Strategy and Market Development at Qualcomm Life.”

The collaboration is going to foster further industry partnerships in the research and development of potential uses of wearable glassware to use in healthcare. This includes augmented reality guided clinical applications, new user experience paradigms for clinical navigation of complex data, and physiological monitoring applications. Glassomics plans to look into genomic information mapping and visualization enabled by wearable devices and will explore consumer-oriented health and wellness applications.

In addition, Qualcomm Life’s “Healthy Circles Care Orchestration Engine” tools and web services will be available to Glassomics to enhance provider and consumer-facing applications, power collaborative care models, and help coordinate connectivity of multiple devices across the healthcare continuum.

Palomar Health at  is the largest public health-care district in California and its primary service area has more than 500,000 residents. The company provides medical services in primary care, heart care, emergency services, trauma, cancer orthopedics, women’s health, rehabilitation, robotic surgery, and bariatric surgery.

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