Contract Tracing Exchange Launched

AWARE, a Privacy-focused Contract Tracing Exchange for COVID-19 has been launched. The AWARE Exchange was developed through a partnership with technology providers, Knowmadics , Diveplane, and Iron Bow Technologies

AWARE was developed to fight COVID-19 transmission and focus on maintaining best-in-class privacy. AWARE provides accurate, effective, and secure contract tracing data for healthcare companies and government agencies.

Government institutions and healthcare systems are scrambling to find solutions that would interrupt the transmission of COVID-19, but adverse impacts on privacy have been a major hurdle in contact tracing performance. AWARE addresses the urgent need to track and trace the virus with full consideration of protecting privacy.

AWARE’s ability to do contact tracing has the ability to interrupt the spread of the disease, enable more accurate epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment, and prevent reinfection. AWARE sources patient health data, public records, retail and emergency response data, and population genetic statistics.

The AWARE dashboard presents weekly and monthly testing trends, current appointment status, and facility capacity, and charts can be viewed that are stored and operated within a secure AWS cloud. Real time reports and updates allow users to identify and track trends and virus hotspots as they emerge, and at that point, healthcare organizations and government agencies are instantly alerted.


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