Creating a Patient Data Registry

LabCorp a life sciences company and Ciox  involved in health information management, have announced an agreement to collaborate on a comprehensive U.S based COVID-19 patient data registry.

The registry will house curated HIPAA-compliant de-identified data sets to expedite clinical research and analyses related to COVID-19. The patient data registry will enable researchers to better understand and characterize COVID-19 diagnoses and treatments and help generate insights that will help in ongoing and future pandemic preparedness and prevention efforts.

LabCorp has performed approximately 500,000 tests since first making their COVID-19 test available March 5. The registry will use LabCorp’s scientific and research expertise and the rapidly expanding de-identified data sets from their COVID-19 testing platform,

Initially, LabCorp will analyze clinical de-identified data sets from their rapidly expanding diagnostic patient data sets. Once developed, the goal is to expand the capability to foster a data coalition that will include leading healthcare providers and other partners, such as state and federal public health organizations.

The data sets will be supplemented with additional longitudinal medical record data which was compiled using the Ciox Health DataFit Platform™. The data sets will be aggregated to rapidly construct research grade clinical cohorts for wide range of epidemiological, clinical, and observational uses.

Lance Berberian, Chief Information and Technology Officer, LabCorp, “Combining life sciences and data sciences including AI and natural language processing is going to be the next frontier in the battle against virus. We hope that this registry will inspire more research that will quickly results in improved outcomes for patients.”

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