Technology to Help Home Healthcare

CareCentrix headquartered in Hartford Connecticut, announced that they are extending their advanced home technology package. The package includes how to provide telehealth, care collaboration, and home monitoring tools at no cost. Their 8,000 home health agencies are managing 26 million to help meet the immediate needs related to COVID-19. The home telehealth platform will enable agencies to better manage, monitor, and care for patients in their homes rather than in hospitals and sub-acute facilities.

“We are proud to do our part to deploy every tool at our disposal to ensure the safety of all Americans and slow the threat of an extended pandemic by opening access to care for vulnerable populations”, said John Driscoll, CEO CareCentrix.

CareCentrix’s network supports 14,500 patients daily with critical home health needs. These include skilled nursing therapies, infusion, oxygen, and the use of durable medical equipment. The package of services will be available immediately to CareCentrix’s home health agency locations via a partnership with Synzi and Dina.

The services includes patient-to-provider and three way virtual health capabilities which enable patients to include family members or caregivers remotely in visits and do remote monitoring, secure messaging, and clinical analytics.

Jasen Gundersen MD, Chief Medical Officer of CareCentrix said, “Participating agencies will use the tools and technology necessary to support patients to supplement in person visits which will enable us to monitor patient conditions and symptoms in real time. So we are adding telenursing and remote physical therapy visits to support our patients over the next weeks and months.”

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