H.R. 4900 Includes Telehealth

H.R 4900 introduced by Representatives Phil Roe, M.D., (R-TN) https://roe.house.gov and David Kustoff (R-TN) https://kustoff.house.gov  relates to rural health. 

It specifically includes creating uniform national best practices for providing telehealth across state lines. It also includes a five year grant program to incentivize the expansion of effective telehealth programs to reach rural communities. It also would authorize the creation of a new payment system to incentivize the adoption of telehealth.

Applicants for grant funding to qualify should:

  • Be an existing telehealth program
  • Be run by a healthcare center of excellence such as an academic medical center
  • Have a planned expansion to a rural community as defined by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy


The bill also instructs the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) to create a model to incentivize the adoption of telehealth in order to increase access to care in rural areas.

For more information, contact Aaron Bill at 202-225-6356 or email aaron.bill@mail.house.gov

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