Advancing Genomic Innovation

Intermountain Healthcare is offering Genomic Innovation Grants for $200,000 for biomedical research projects to hopefully lead to advancements in precision medicine.

The awards called “Genomic Innovation Grants” will provide opportunities for scientific collaboration and offer funding to Intermountain Precision Genomics research services. The research will include next generation sequencing, sample procurement, bioinformatics analysis, and more.

Intermountain Precision Genomics offers healthcare providers genomic information and services to use with precision cancer care. The genomic information is also used for pharmacogenomics and genetic counseling.

The grants will support biomedical research proposals that have potential for direct clinical applications. Past recipients include Vivid Genomics, Immortagen, and Huntsman Cancer Institute

The studies included research aimed at identifying genetic predictors of Alzheimer’s, developing an artificial intelligence algorithm to predict cell response to cancer therapeutics, discovering breast cancer susceptibility variants, and exploring genetic epidemiology of ovarian cancers in high risk pedigrees.

Intermountain welcomes biomedical research proposals with potential for direct clinical applications. The Genomic Grants program offers access to samples and associated clinical data, sequencing services, and bioinformatics analysis. Bioinformatics services include sequence alignment, variant calling annotation, interpretation, and data warehousing.

The Biorepository at Intermountain houses more than 4.5 million achieved patient tissue samples dating back to 1971, each linked to decades of clinical outcomes data. Patient tissue samples include those from cardiovascular, behavioral health, oncology, pediatrics, neurosciences, women and newborns, musculoskeletal, primary care, surgical services, and intensive medicine.

Applicants can include for profit organizations and commercial, biotechnology, and biopharma industries plus small businesses, nonprofits, and institutes of higher education. The fall submission deadline is November 15, 2019.

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