AI to Help Prevent Heart Failure

ObEN Inc., an Artificial Intelligence company is working with MedStar Health Research Institute to study the use of “Personal AI” (PAI) as healthcare assistants. For the study, ObEN created a medical health assistant app, called “PAI Care” to help monitor patients experiencing heart failure.

The study will investigate the use of voice-activated and avatar-enabled technologies for monitoring heart failure patients at home and whether the ability to do this monitoring will improve health and recovery outcomes. The study will include patients interacting with Tara, an intelligent 3D Healthcare Assistant Avatar created to use ObEN’s PAI technology via an app on a tablet.

For the four month study, ObEN’s technology will fuel the voice, appearance, and animation of the healthcare assistant avatar in PAI Care as well as the Chatbot feature through which the patients will be able to interact with the PAI. Under a daily schedule, participants will answer a series of health and wellness questions that will help the study collect data and monitor the health of the patients.

ObEN is also providing additional technology for a related-study by the MedStar Health Research Institute using voice-enabled healthcare support. This study has received grant funding from NIH’s National Center for Advancing Translational Science through the Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science.

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