LifeLens Developing Wearable Sensor

The Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC), a biomedical technology consortium, in partnership with the Army’s Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) has announced that LifeLens Technologies (LLT) has been awarded $2,996,970 to develop their “Ascent Platform” (AP) wearable sensor for the military to provide training technical support and data analysis during the field testing.

Real time data on warfighter’s health provides important actionable information to small unit leaders, enabling data-driven decisions to maintain and improve warfighter performance and safety. There is currently very little validated documentation of DOD requirements or information on the capabilities of health monitoring wearables.

To address the need, the LLT project team will develop prototypes of their AP wearable and will conduct field testing on the system’s ability to monitor heart rate, skin temperature, activity level, and respiration rate.

The AP can remotely monitor and wirelessly transmit physiological data to a receiving device in real time. If successful, AP devices could move into production and become widely available for military use.

MTEC works with the military, veterans, and civilians to advance biomedicine and create new possibilities to improve healthcare. MTEC works to improve telehealth solutions that are capable of monitoring warfighter health conditions during training and in battle. Another goal is to empower medicine to do even more treatment at the point of injury by using new advanced technologies.

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