Life365 Selects Financial Adviser

Life365 announced on February 13, 2019, that the company has hired Objective Capital Partners to serve as financial adviser to assist Life365 in coordinating strategic capital and partnerships in order to maximize their intellectual property portfolio and digital health platform.

The Life365 platform currently offers a range of solutions to help consumers at home, including:

  • A patented operating system for wearable health technology software apps
  • Integration to connected medical devices
  • OTT set top box integration for smart TVs, mobile, and  personal safety services
  • Rapid diagnostics pharmacy/home integration
  • Subscription e-commerce solutions for personalized care management


Objective Capital partners will be identifying and securing either strategic capital financing and/or partnerships to progress Life365’s strong patent portfolio. Life365 already supports a strong patent portfolio and has established partnerships with American Medical Response (AMR), OSANG Healthcare, http://www.osanghc.come and Humax.

“Our team has been in the digital health space for the past 12 years and we are now witnessing the convergence of large, trillion dollar channels with retail, distribution, and tech companies to address much larger patient population”, said Kent Dicks, CEO, for Life365.

He said, “Over the years many competitors have found that connecting to the consumer’s home is economically challenging especially when dealing with the logistics needed for deployment, maintenance, and refurbishment of equipment.”

He adds, “Remote Patient Monitoring solutions currently can be prevented from scaling to a broad serviceable population. Today’s health and care solutions in essence needs to be disposable with seamless, rapid, and integrating engaging consumers on their terms, plus drive a stronger ROI for enterprises connecting to growing populations.”

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