HRSA Posts Grant Notice

On December 27, 2018, HRSA within HHS posted the grant notice “Rural Health and Economic Development Analysis” (HRSA-19-065) with estimated program funding for $225,000. The goal is to increase stakeholder awareness of the economic impacts of rural healthcare sectors on rural, state, and national economies as well as the relationship between community economic development and health outcomes for rural residents.

The “Rural Health and Economic Development Analysis Program” seeks to analyze the link between the health of the economy and the health outcomes in rural communities, with the goal to assist rural stakeholders in performing the analyses.  

Topic areas may include sustainability of services and minimum population requirements as it relates to the economic vitality of the rural community as well as other topics determined in coordination with HRSA.

HRSA will work closely with the award recipient on:

  • Impact of hospital closures on local economies
  • Benefits of different types of healthcare providers on care and sustainability of services
  • Use and benefits of telehealth
  • New models to use to provide services
  • Impact of less local rural services


The award recipient in coordination with HRSA, will offer training and technical expertise to public or private entities including state and local government, hospitals, rural health clinics, other provider groups, and faith-based and community-based organizations. Tools will be used to analyze the economic impact and sustainability of healthcare services.

Eligible applicants can include public and private institutions for higher education, public organizations, private health research organizations, foundations, domestic public or private, non-profit and for-profit entities, domestic, faith based, community based organizations, tribes, and tribal organizations. The closing date for applications is March 27, 2019.

Go to for more information on the grant notice or email Steve Hirsch at

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