DOD to Streamline HIT

Mark Goodge, Chief Technology Officer for the Military Health System speaking at the Defense Health IT Symposium in Orlando in July explained, “The Defense Health Agency’s “Desktop to Datacenter Baseline” (D2D) initiative is going to streamline health IT service across the Military Health System (MHS) The plan is to provide standard platform security desktops and IT services to be used in every military treatment facility in the MHS.”

The D2D program will standardize the IT infrastructure throughout DOD’s medical enterprise which will then support the deployment of MHS GENESIS. Over the next few years, D2D teams will migrate all MHS GENESIS interfacing systems including workstation kiosks, servers, clinical systems, and medical devices to the “Medical Community of Interest” referred to as Med-COI.

Med-COI provides users with a single, stable, and secure network to exchange and process information. By standardizing access to information, this platform helps increase operational time and is available to providers throughout the MHS without limiting service affiliation or location.

Up to 20 sites will be in process of interfacing systems at any one time for the next two years. The goal is to complete the process in 2020 that will affect a total of 155 Military Treatment Facility sites, three headquarters, and almost 600 other lines of business. Once the migration is complete, providers will be able to access information from across the entire DOD healthcare environment.

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