eHI & Validic Report Released

A new report released by the eHealth Initiative and Validic titled “ROI of Patient-Generated Health Data & Remote Patient Monitoring” delves into the financial, operational, and clinical returns on investing with perspectives from providers, technologists, regulators, along with a patient’s viewpoint.

The report points out that as patients’ desires and needs change related to access of care and affordability, the need for remote monitoring escalates significantly.

The information for the report was obtained from an analysis of the current market investments in remote monitoring. The data was obtained from such programs at Partners HealthCare, Brockton Hospital, and the Veterans Health Association, plus other organizations.

The findings suggest that when patient-generated health data is leveraged in remote care programs, then hospitals and health systems can see a reduction in care costs as a result of better operational efficiency and improved clinical outcomes via improved patient engagement, education, and adherence.

Jennifer Covich Bordenick CEO of the eHealth Initiative suggests, “The idea of using data from wearables and remote monitoring devices to improve care is no longer just wishful thinking.”

To further discuss the ideas, Validic and eHI will be hosting a webinar on August 22, at 2 pm ET. Stakeholders will discuss the value of using data-driven remote care programs to improve patient outcomes.

The webinar will include several speakers. A stakeholder will include the case of a patient with type 2 diabetes, a provider will describe how a remote care program was designed, and a health technologist will discuss data workflows and analytics.

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