Cleveland Clinic & Luye Collaborating

The Cleveland Clinic and the Luye Medical Group are collaborating to bring patient-centered healthcare to the Shanghai New Hong Qiao International Medical Center. Luye owned and operated by the Luye Medical Group and the regional healthcare services arm of the Luye Life Sciences Group is headquartered in Singapore.

The Luye Medical Group overseeing over 50 private healthcare organizations across a number of countries, will now be able to help patients connect with Cleveland Clinic specialists to obtain second opinions through distance health technologies.

Taking the first step, Luye Medical became the inaugural member of the “Cleveland Clinic Connected International Program”. This connected care program enables patients worldwide to connect with Cleveland Clinic’s newest technology and receive expert opinions on clinical specialties such as cardiology, urology, and oncology.

“The Shanghai New Hong Qiao International Medical Center is positioned to be the pilot zone for national and Shanghai medical reform. The collaboration’s goal is to help develop a premium innovation healthcare hub and a high-end medical service platform based in Shanghai that can service the whole country,” said Jie Yang, Chairman of Shanghai New Hong Qiao International Medical Center Construction Development Co. Ltd.

Liu Dianbo, Chairman of the Board and President of Luye Life Sciences Group said, “As the collaboration advances, we look forward to working closely with public hospitals and universities to drive innovation by establishing collaboration centers.”

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