Hospital Using 3D Cardiac Mapping

St. Luke’s Medical Center in Aurora Wisconsin is the first hospital in the U.S to use a new three dimensional cardiac mapping system to treat heart rhythm disorders like Atrial Fibrillation or AFIB.

FDA cleared APN Health’s “Navik 3D Mapping System” that was installed in early March 2018 with the first patient treated with the technology on March 22, 2018. Jasbir Sra, MD., a Cardiac Electrophysiologist with Aurora health Care and Vice President of Aurora Heart and Vascular Services led the procedure. He helped to develop the technology as a managing member of APN Health.

Navik 3D is the first cardiac mapping technology that does not require specialized equipment. The technology is compatible with any fluoroscopic imaging, mapping, and ablation catheter used to identify catheter locations in the heart and is able to create three dimensional maps of the chamber of interest.

The new technology uses advanced algorithms to allow physicians to more accurately and confidently complete their procedures by pinpointing the exact location in the heart’s chambers when experiencing arrhythmias.

“As we look at more effective ways to treat patients, this technology will allow clinicians worldwide to use it because it doesn’t require some of the equipment that previous treatment methods required,” noted Dr Sra.

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