ViiMed Contracts with HealthCare LLC

ViiMed recently signed a five year contract with HealthCare LLC, a division of Johns Hopkins Medicine to convert their evidenced-based health solutions to digital form and then offer the solutions to hospitals and patients.

Digital health solutions on the ViiMed Platform are in place to improve patient outcomes by virtually engaging, managing, monitoring, and coordinating the patient and care team in and out of the healthcare setting. The focus of the two initial JHU programs are to change the behavior of individuals with diabetes by working with the DECIDE program.

The DECIDE program helps people with diabetes learn how to change their behavior so they can better self-manage their care. The interactive program tries to improve both management skills and diabetes health outcomes.

The DECIDE program was developed by Felicia Hill-Briggs, Ph.D., Senior Director for Population Health Research and Development at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. DECIDE has shown positive outcomes in studies involving high risk low literacy populations and has been able to improve A1C levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

ACT2 an interactive, year-long digital solution also from JHU HealthCare is designed to empower those people at high-risk for diabetes to take charge of their own health and well-being. The program is based on CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program curriculum. ACT2 will combine education, monitoring and behavior change into one program for individuals diagnosed with pre-diabetes.

In 2018, CDC is scheduled to announce performance-based reimbursement for diabetes prevention and ACT2 will enable organizations to implement this program into their workflow.

When asked what to expect next, Rick Holbrook, ViiMed’s CEO said, “We have several digital health solutions that address population health concerns in the works. We are very focused on ramping up our commercialization efforts through direct sales and collaborations and to integrate with complementary technology offerings.

Both the DECIDE and ACT2  digital solutions from Johns Hopkins HealthCare are available exclusively on the ViiMed Platform for hospitals, health systems, physician groups, health plans, employers, payers, and governments, both in the U.S and abroad.

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