USDA’s New Innovation Center

To move forward with innovative ideas, USDA has created a Rural Development Innovation Center which plans to come up with new ideas and use agency resources more effectively to help rural communities.

Last November, Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development at USDA, Anne Hazlett announced the appointment of Gina Sheets to be the Chief Innovation Officer to lead the new Rural Development Innovation Center.

As the new Chief Innovation Officer, Gina Sheets will oversee the creation and management of the new Innovation Center. The goal is to streamline, modernize, and strengthen the delivery of actions that will benefit rural areas.

The Center will focus on improving customer service to rural communities by developing strategic partnerships, perform capacity-building, do more effective data analytics and evaluation, and address regulatory reforms.

“Rural communities need fresh and innovative solutions to face their unique health challenges head-on”, said Gina Sheets. “I am looking forward to leading the Center by making Rural Development’s many tools and partnerships easier to understand and access.”


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