Telehealth Express Care Wins Award

NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center’s Emergency Department (ED) Telehealth Express Care Service just won the 2017 Emergency Care Innovation of the Year Award for using telemedicine to decrease the time patients spend in the ED.

Launched in 2016, more than 4,000 patients have used ED Telehealth Express Care at the NYP Medical Center and at the NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital.

The ED Telehealth Express Care Service part of NewYork-Presbyterian’s digital suite of services is offered by “NYP OnDemand” allowing patients already in the ED with non-life threatening conditions to visit virtually with a clinician.

After initial triage and an in-person medical screening exam, patients can elect to video conference from a private room with board-certified emergency medicine physicians from Weill Cornell Medicine.  ED Express Care has helped to reduce ED wait times for patients from two or three hours to about 35-40 minutes.

A service offered by NYP OnDemand includes Second Opinion  This service provides another perspective on symptoms, diagnosis, or provides a treatment plan from expert physicians at the hospital through an easy-to-access online portal.

The portal called the “Inter-Hospital Consult” connects physicians across NewYork-Presbyterian’s hospital sites to collaborate on patient cases and provide specialty insight through “Digital Urgent Care” used for patients with non-life threatening illnesses and injuries to access rapid treatment.

To rapidly treat stroke patients, the “Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit” is available on and through the NYP mobile app at ( which brings care to stroke victims as rapidly as possible. The mobile app was created in collaboration with Weill Cornell Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center, and the City of New York Fire Department.

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