Advising Governor on Precision Medicine

California Governor Brown has established the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Precision Medicine. Initially, the governor announced the “California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine” (CIAPM) in 2015 as the first state effort to fund focused precision medicine projects to improve care and treatment for specific diseases.

Since the initial launch, CIAPM) has supported several demonstration projects which span the disease spectrum. To date, the State has invested $1.3 million out of the total $23 million in allocated State funding for precision medicine. Private companies and foundations have also provided additional funding.

Committee members have a range of expertise related to biotechnology, technology, health systems, health disparities, population health, cancer bioinformatics, ethics genomics and patient engagement.

The new Advisory Committee on Precision Medicine will advise the Governor on emerging precision medicine policy issues plus advise on data sharing and data privacy within and across technology platforms and tools.

The Advisory Committee will provide advice on the clinical utility of precision medicine approaches to care, for patients, on provider engagement and education, and the economic impact and sustainability of precision medicine-based treatments. The Committee will provide recommendations on further actions that the public and private sectors can take to integrate precision medicine into healthcare.

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