Faster Adoption of Technology Needed

“The transformation of the healthcare system will require faster adoption of appropriate technology as well as changes in the way that the system is structured”, according to Robert Pearl, MD, speaking at the “Splash Health, Wellness and Wearables Conference” held in March in San Francisco.

Dr. Robert Pearl, Chairman of the Council of Accountable Physician Practices (CAPP),, CEO of the Permanente Medical, and President and CEO of the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group, reports, “With healthcare comprising 18 percent of the U.S GDP in a $3 trillion market, we need to use technology to streamline, simplify, and solve healthcare problems in America.”

He believes that we must change the way we fundamentally structure technologically supported care. “We need to think of the problems that we are trying to solve and the technology needed to fix it. As he suggests, more often than not, a current technology that already exists is all we need.”

In his remarks, Dr. Pearl referenced the power of technology as key to supporting physicians in their treatment and care of patients. He also notes that many physician diagnoses and treatments could be done by using video technology and other digital platforms.

In his speech, he addressed three technologies that have the potential to transform healthcare. These include video and digital photography, data analytics to identify groups of patients and individuals at risk for specific conditions, and the use of the EHR not just as a repository of data, but as a communication tool used between healthcare providers.

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