Help for Startups

A Purdue University  affiliated software startup AccuPS LLC recently received $100,000 in investment funding to assist in further development. The startup AccuPS developed the AeroWand™, a high definition 3-D motion tracking technology to provide a way for mobile Virtual Reality (VR) users to interact in the VR space.

The device requires setup using minimal wires or cameras to install. The technology includes a head tracking device, hand controller, and a transmitting antenna capable of plugging into the user’s smartphone to enable tracing signals.

The AccuPS technology has been licensed through the Purdue Research Foundation (PRF) a private nonprofit foundation. The PRF Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) supports the economic development and licensing issues involved in getting new technologies through the commercialization process.

In another funding announcement to help a startup, Cook Medical and PRF have provided $3.2 million in startups to help commercialize innovations developed at Purdue University The Foundry Investment Fund  is designed to help emerging biomedical and life sciences move to the public at an accelerated pace.

For example, Symic Bio Inc., a life sciences company originating from Purdue University’s School of Biomedical Engineering, has received nearly $480,000 to develop new therapeutics for multiple diseases including cancer and osteoarthritis with some already in clinical trials.

The Purdue/Cook Medical collaborations began with Bill Cook the Founder of Cook Medical and Les Geddes an innovator who shared a vision to move Geddes biomedical discoveries to the public. Today more than 1.5 million patient treatments have been generated from the Geddes-developed health innovations.

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