Access to GSA’s HIT

Apprio,, a provider of specialized technology solutions, geared to health, defense, and homeland security markets, is now one of the select contract holders that have been awarded access to the “Special Item Number” (SIN) for Health IT Services. Health IT SIN operates under the GSA IT Schedule 70 contract program

The Health IT Services SIN simplifies the procurement process making it easier for agencies to get access to innovative and emerging health IT services. SIN also gives industry partners a way to distinguish their health IT services offerings from other IT related services already under the GSA IT Schedule 70 program, letting them to stand out to agencies specifically seeking health IT services.

Health IT SIN will help to expand the adoption of health IT services, reduce prices, advance secure and interoperable health information solutions, and strengthen healthcare delivery systems.

According to Darryl F. Britt, Apprio’s President, “The IT 70 contract is the largest and most widely used acquisition vehicle in the federal government. We’re pleased that GSA added health IT as a specialized capability under the contract vehicle since it is a specialized field that requires significant industry experience.”

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