AMC Health & Revolve Robotics Partner

AMC Health provider of remote patient monitoring and Revolve Robotics have announced a partnership to help patients with chronic conditions better manage their health, strengthen their connections with their care teams, and reduce unnecessary ED visits and hospitalizations.

AMC’s expertise in improving outcomes through enhanced clinical efficiency and care coordination along with Revolve Robotics platform “Kubi”, enables clinicians to remotely interact with patients.

AMC has integrated Kubi with their CareConsole® Mobile solution. Patients can now have clinician-initiated e-visits and assessments plus secure e-messaging capabilities on a single mobile device.

AMC has proven through multiple studies published in peer-reviewed publications that outcomes can be improved significantly by connecting patients to their clinical teams on a real-time basis so that care can be expanded beyond the walls of hospitals, doctors’ offices and outpatient settings.

Kubi improves video conferencing with tablets by using a robotic platform or cradle where the tablet sits driven by the remote video conferencing participant. Kubi turns passive video conferencing callers into active participants.

“We are working to enhance the patient experience and support strong connections between patients and their care teams through our virtual care solutions. Adding Kubi to our Care Console Mobile solution enables clinicians to gather more comprehensive information during an e-visit,” said Nesim Bildirici, President and CEO of AMC Health.

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