Rural Healthcare Receives $22.1 Million

HRSA’s funding for more than 22.1 million to support healthcare in rural areas will provide resources and expertise to 100 rural communities in 42 states. The Office of Rural Health Policy within HRSA is administering the grant awards.

The seven grant programs include:

  • More than $11 million for the Rural Health Network Development Program to augment the $4.4 million awarded in May
  • Almost $5 million for the Rural Health Network Development Planning Program, augmenting nearly $1.2 million awarded in May
  • More than $2.3 million will go to the Evidence-Based Tele-Emergency Network Program to expand capabilities in remote emergency departments and determine the effectiveness of tele-emergency care for rural patients and providers
  • $600,000 will help Telehealth Resource Centers assist healthcare organizations, networks and providers to implement cost effective telehealth programs in rural areas
  • More than $1.5 million will go to the Radiation Exposure Screening and Education Program to develop education programs and screen eligible individuals for cancer and other radiogenic diseases
  • More than $1 million will go towards Rural Access to Emergency Devices Program and the Public Access to Defibrillation Demonstration Project to support access to automated external defibrillators in rural communities


In addition, Healthy Start grant awards as announced earlier in September, will provide $4.6 million to rural communities to reduce infant mortality. These awards along with $10 million in funds have been designated for construction and renovation through the Health Center Program


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