CDC Issues Request for Information

CDC in working with public health emergencies and infectious disease outbreaks conducts public health surveillance. As a result, CDC collects, generates, and analyzes a great deal of data to support disease surveillance and epidemiologic investigations.

CDC issued a Request for Information (RFI) titled “Data Integration, Management, Analysis and Visualization” on September 26, 2014. CDC wants to identify a single platform that can integrate, analyze, visualize, and report on key surveillance, epidemiologic, laboratory, environmental, plus other data sources during emergencies or routine investigations.

The single platform would enable CDC to standardize a core set of data elements across multiple surveillance programs in order to capture data in a consistent manner, be able to integrate new data types, and work with unstructured data.

CDC finds it challenging and is interested in:

  • Working with an efficient electronic surveillance systems for data capture particularly during an outbreak
  • Automating the integration of data from multiple sources
  • Quickly being able to evolve and incorporate new or modified data collection mechanisms


The RFI solicitation (HHS-CDC-RFI-2015-DCCIPHER) is a Request for Information but not a Request for Proposals. The response is due October 30, 2014 and questions related to this RFI should be directed to Kim Morris or phone 770-488-2621.

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