CMS Funding Several Projects

CMS is providing new funding to give states and innovators tools and flexibility to implement delivery system reform. Under the Health Care Innovations Awards program, twelve prospective recipients in thirteen states may receive as much as $110 million in combined funding, ranging from an expected $2 million to $18 million over a three year period.

The objective is to test innovative models designed to deliver better care outcomes and lower costs. Examples could include projects to provide better care for dementia patients, improve coordination between specialists and primary care physicians, and improve cardiac care.

The first batch of recipients for the Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two were announced May 22. The Awards program focused on four priority areas to include rapidly reducing costs for patients with Medicare and Medicaid, improving care for populations with specialized needs, testing improved financial and clinical models for specific types of providers including specialists, and then linking clinical care delivery to preventive and population health.

For example, one of the Round Two awards went to the ICAHN School of Medicine at Mount Sinai for $9,619,517 to test Mobile Acute Care Team (MACT) services. The researchers will use the expertise of multiple providers and services already in existence in most parts of the U.S but will transform their roles to address acute care needs in an outpatient setting.

For more information on the Health Care Innovation Awards, and the list of prospective recipients go to

In addition, HHS announced as part of the State Innovation Model Initiative that states, territories, and the District of Columbia can apply for either a Model Testing Award to assist in implementing a plan or a Model Design Award to develop or enhance a comprehensive State Health Care Innovation Plan.

Up to twelve states will be chosen for state-sponsored Model Testing awards with $700 million to be available. Funding will help provide up to 12 Model Testing cooperative agreements plus up to 15 states will be chosen for the state-sponsored Model Design Award with $30 million available.

Currently, there are 25 states participating in the State Innovation Models initiative. For more information including the FOA, go to

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