Geisinger Migrating to the Cloud

Geisinger https://www.geisinger/org has chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their strategic cloud provider. This project will be one of the largest EHR cloud migrations to AWS to date.

It is expected to enable life-saving technologies and save Geisinger several million annually. As part of the agreement, the health system plans to transition their entire digital portfolio of more than 300 applications and numerous workflows to AWS.

Also, Geisinger’s cloud migration to AWS will enable the healthcare system to develop new, innovative technological advancements in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning and more that will help improve access to and improve the quality of care. It will also enable teams to create workflow efficiencies for employees in order to increase productivity while streamlining and simplifying daily work

Geisinger has also committed to comprehensive cloud skills training for the vast majority of their 24,000 employees. Training is already underway with many employees and the training will be ongoing over the next five years

According to John Kravitz, Geisinger’s CIO, “We know that rapidly evolving technology such as AI and ML can help save lives and also make our staff more agile and responsive so they can spend more time at the bedside, where our patients need them most.”

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