HRSA Posted Grant Forecast

 HRSA has posted the forecast for a grant dated June 3, 2022 titled “Rural Telementoring Training Center (HRSA 23-046) with the estimated grant notice to be posted November 10, 2022.

The estimated total program funding is $750,000 with the estimated application due date to be January 9, 2023. The purpose for this Cooperative Agreement is to train academic medical centers and other centers of excellence to create technology-enabled telementoring learning programs that will enable  best practice specialty care to primary care providers and care teams in rural and underserved areas. 

The telementoring learning programs will support primary care providers and care teams treating patients with complex chronic conditions. The telehealth focus of this agreement aligns with telehealth as a HRSA priority area.

The program is going to support organizations that offer telementoring to providers via technology-enable collaborative learning and capacity-building models but will not be directly engaged in patient care services. These telementoring programs will potentially include but are not limited to Project ECHO.

Eligible applications include Native American tribal organization, private institutions and public and state controlled institutions of higher education, for profit organizations, nonprofits, independent school districts, county governments, small businesses, plus other applicants are eligible to apply.

Go to for more information. The contact for more information is Danielle Chestang 301-443-3890 or email



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