Partnership to Transform Healthcare

The Alice L. Walton Foundation and Washington Regional Medical System is at work creating a regional health system in Arkansas.

The Alice L. Walton Foundation and the Cleveland Clinic are going to provide Cleveland Clinic’s services in Northwest Arkansas by developing solutions to help patients have greater access to specialty care which may include cardiac care, digestive health, neurosciences, oncology, orthopedics/spine, and behavioral health

Also, the Alice L. Walton Foundation and the Washington Regional Medical System intend to work with the Cleveland Clinic to support the growth of healthcare services in the region. According to Philanthropist Alice Walton, “We’re bringing together three organizations  to provide innovative care along with my foundation’s focus on providing access to a broader scope and scale of services to our region and beyond.”

The new initiatives will:

  • Increase access to specialty care services to help patients and families receive care closer to home
  • Expand clinical services to reflect the growth of the Northwest Arkansas region
  • Build a regional health system to focus on delivering high quality whole person services across the continuum of care
  • Strengthen the transformation to value-based care in the region to ensure high quality, affordable care for the community
  • Train the next generation of clinicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, and caregivers in the region
  • Bolster research capabilities of the Washington Regional Medical System


In 2020, the Alice L. Walton Foundation announced the formation of the Whole Health Institute. In 2021, the Whole Health School of Medicine and Health Sciences was formed. The goal is to focus on redesigning the system to make whole health accessible and affordable to all. 

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