GE & AliveCor Partnering

GE Healthcare and AliveCor announced a partnership to deliver six electrocardiograms (ECG) taken by patients on an AliveCor KardiaMobile 6L ECG device.

The ECGs taken outside of the hospital setting then go directly into GE Healthcare’s MUSE Cardiac Management System for physicians to view and evaluate. GE Healthcare’s MUSE assist physicians so they can analyze an ECG which is used by 87% of the top cardiac hospitals in the U.S. GE’s MUSE™ V9 takes cardiology information systems to the next level with expanded connective tools.

Currently, if the patient chooses to share the remote ECG, this requires the physician to view AliveCor’s six-lead ECGs on a patient’s phone in an office visit or in a PDF emailed by the patient. However, because the data is not integrated into the clinical workflow of the EMR or MUSE, the physician can’t easily compare the results to prior ECG’s or relevant results from other diagnostic tools and tests.

With the integration of data into MUSE, the physician can compare the patient’s most recent KardiaMobile 6L ECG to prior ECGs or other relevant results, which is able to expand diagnostic capabilities through the continuity of care.

Now a physician can prescribe or enroll KardiaMobile 6L for patients with certain cardiac diagnoses who will be able to benefit from monitoring their condition and be able to track their own ECG recordings at home or on the go.

The hospital will then issue a subscription that links the patient to the hospital’s clinical desktop allowing them to perform ECGs using the KardiaMobile 6L device. After an ECG is recorded, the data automatically transfers from AliveCor’s cloud server directly into MUSE.

This allows providers to quickly evaluate six-lead ECGs that indicate a heart rhythm condition requiring attention, such as those that show signs of an arrhythmia, which may result in a confirmatory ECG in the hospital.