MindMed & Sphere Health Partnering

Mind Medicine (MindMed) Inc., https://mindmed.co, a biotech company developing psychedelic inspired therapies is partnering with Sphere Health, https://asksphere.co, an employee benefits provider targeting treatments for people with severe mental illness.

The partnering companies are jointly launching MM061302, a study using existing consumer technology to provide a robust data set. The data set may be used to develop more accurate machine learning tools to identify biomarkers that can predict symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The study data can be used to better understand mental health conditions and may help inform the design of future digital tools to support both individuals with mood disorders as well as the clinicians caring for them.

Through the partnership with MindMed’s collaborator Datavant, study data can also be de-identified and linked at the subject level to other data sets while maintaining patient privacy and offering further insights based on real world data.

“The use of technology has the potential to offer a level of sensitivity and precision which does not currently exist in our models of the disorders and we hope will ultimately lead to better outcomes in our ability to help those patients,” said Daniel R. Karlin, MD, CMO at MindMed.

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