VR to Treat Trauma & Pain

Harvard MedTech https://www.harvardmedtech.com a digital health company, is using virtual reality experiences, psychosocial support, digital engagement, and proprietary AI algorithms to alleviate the effects of trauma and pain without narcotics  or surgery.

Data shows that Harvard MedTech’s Vx Therapy lowers cost and duration of treatment, reduces the risk of long term disability, avoids dependence on prescription drugs, and produces a significant return-on-investment in some documented cases even achieving ROI levels as high as 35:1.

Gerry Stanley MD., CMO, Harvard MedTech, “Pain is more than a biologic response, so our solution considers the psychosocial elements of trauma and the fact that every person suffers differently. We have studied how the brain works to re-program itself to reduce the sensation of pain and anxiety by using virtual reality technology and customized behavioral interventions guided by AI.” 

The patient uses the virtual reality technology to have positive, engaging experiences that reduce the sensation of pain while the brain builds new neural pathways. The therapy is used in the home and coupled with personalized behavioral health intervention strategies that teach more skills to permanently lower pain and discomfort that contribute to depression and sleep disorders. The 90 day program is based on the time it takes for the brain to form new neural pathways.

Vx Therapy is now being used by major medical institutions and workers’ compensation organizations to manage care for patients who are suffering with chronic pain, behavioral health issues, and other symptoms of trauma.


For more information, contact Pat McCutcheon at PMcCutcheon@harvardmedtech.com or call 516-946-7938.


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