Ready to Rock at #ConV2X 2021?

Driving Telehealth and Tech Innovations Post Pandemic will be discussed in depth at the   Virtual 5th Annual ConVerge2Xcelerate (#ConV2X) 2021) coming November 9-11, 2021.

#ConV2X 2021 is the highly acclaimed health tech modernization symposium catalyzing C-Suite global market executives.

The focus will center on health policy, telehealth, and blockchain and edge technology in healthcare. It is the premier destination community identifying new and cost effective paths forward through real world evidence, strategy, operations, research, and trends.

Go to #ConV2X,, for Days 1, 2, and 3 for topics involving healthcare leadership and breakthrough technology providers that inspire and guide informed decision-making for health policy development for health systems to help world citizens successfully navigate a new digital health era.

Be in the company of attendees busy creating and shaping best practices and fair market competition at the Conference that will include:

1)      A 3-Day line-up of global influencers tackling policy, telehealth, blockchain & AI

2)      Solutions to lock in competitive market advantages

3)      Six Keynotes, 50 panel discussions & fireside chats with over 100 TOP World Authorities

4)      Sharing the stage with top international leaders from new companies, scholars, and industry market makers

5)      Obtaining strategic solutions and regulatory frameworks to create opportunities for long term partnerships

Be sure to attend the event to find out how to create a trusted marketplace for all. An impressive slate of speakers from medical centers, hospitals, associations, along with  attendees from other countries will highlight sessions at #ConV2X.

Day 1 sessions will present sessions on Policy and Regulation which will include a discussion on Telehealth Billing and Fraud Enforce

Day 2, will include a discussion on Successful Implementation and Care Use of Telehealth to include a session on Virtual Care Innovation and another session on Value-based Telehealth Practices 

Day 3, will present speakers discussing the Emerging Role and Global Health Implementations of AI, Cloud, Blockchain, and DLT

Other topics at the sessions will include not only cybersecurity, but also regulatory frameworks, equity through community health, consumer brand loyalty, home health, data interoperability, health passports, business models, best practices, market analysis, blockchain in life science, supply chains, and quantum cryptography, and talks on ambient healthtech environments.

#ConV2X is going to welcome a diverse universe of stakeholders in the ecosystem to facilitate dialogue, build alliances, educate, and bolster pioneering efforts in industry.

Go to for more specific details on the Virtual Event to be held November 9-11, 2021.

Go to for information on How to Register.

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