HCDT&I Conference Takeaways

Recently, Credit Suisse https://www.credit-suisse.com, hosted their 4th Healthcare Disruptive Technologies & Innovation (HCDT&I) Conference. Credit Suisse’s 1st Note with the initial takeaways was posted by Federal Telemedicine News on June 7, 2021.

Credit Suisse in their takeaways included a detailed review of their meeting with executives from the companies highlighted in the initial takeaways note,Top 10 Takeaways From Our 4th HCDT&I Conference.”

Presenters at the June HCDT&I Conference included executives (in alphabetical order) from Conversa Health, Crossover Health, Dispatch Health, First Stop Health, Forward, Ginger, Grand Rounds, K Health, Pager, TigerConnect, Transcarent, and VillageMD.

The highlighted information included in Credit Suisse’s initial takeaways note includes:

  •  Primary care is ripe for disruption
  • Direct contracting program could be a +10% margin business
  • Demand for Virtual Primary Care (VPC) among employers is beginning to emerge
  • Mental health is a global crisis driven by supply/demand imbalance
  • “Back to Work” is likely to drive a spike in mental health and telehealth utilization
  • Employers are increasingly looking for engagement solutions
  • Improving healthcare access & experience for consumers is key
  • Digital health competitive landscape will continue to evolve
  • Several opportunities exist to leverage technology, such as AI &ML
  • Digital health disruptors increasingly focus on leveraging smart tech to deliver on the promise of evidence-based health


A note with in-depth details has now been released titled Healthcare Technology: the Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It: Healthcare Disruptive Technologies and Innovations Conference Detailed Takeaways with detailed information from executives at the twelve companies, taking part in the HCDT&I. Conference.

The detailed Note discusses topics such as company overviews, business models, several executives discusses the impact of COVID, growth strategies, market and competitive landscape, technology platforms, digital health innovation, partnerships, care at home, plus companies touched on a number of additional issues.

For information on Credit Suisse’s detailed Conference note, and/or the initial takeaways note, ask questions, provide feedback or news, email Jailendra Singh at jailendra.singh@credit-suisse.com or call 212-325-8121.

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