Connected Health: Impact of AI

Parks’ Associates 2021 Connected Health Summit, highlighted the session Personalization in Connected Health: Impact of AI.

The speakers discussed how sensor data and related devices are making it possible for healthcare to use data driven services to effectively diagnose and provide patient monitoring care remotely.

Visionary insight on the topic was provided by Andy Tubman, Chief Clinical Officer, at SingFit,  He discussed how the intersection of technology with music can play an important role in helping seniors and others with a number of medical conditions.

For example, singing can light up the brain by providing a chemical release, but music can also help people with respiratory issues, can decrease anxiety and depression, enable energy levels to go up, and can help people with dementia.

As Andy announced, SingFit just released Studio Pro which helps with speech and language. Studio Pro is an app-based engagement tool that uses music to validate and motivate clients during one-on-one therapeutic interventions. Andy sees the future for medicine and machine learning along with the use of music to improve even more with the use of wearable technology.

The topic Empowering Consumers with Personalized Health Insights was discussed by Kristen Valdes, CEO, Founder b.well Connected Health with Jennifer Kent, VP, Research Parks Associates as moderator.

Kristen Valdes, pointed out that data and tools needed for people to effectively take care of themselves requires a complete record in one place. After the health data is reviewed, then patients can be pro-active with their healthcare needs whether it is taken care of virtually or in-person. b.well also connects consumers to providers, insurers, and wearable devices.

She also discussed how artificial intelligence is used to help identify patients that need to find appropriate and the right level of care. Also, information is needed to select the right plan for patients so the care along with drugs are more affordable. Using the right data at the right time along with the right devices are essential to understanding the full picture of the patient and helps the provider mitigate gaps in care.

The session’s interactive panel was held to discuss AI and Personalization in Medicine with Kristen Hemich, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates as moderator.

Panelists included:

  •  Jeff Cutler, Chief Commercial Officer, U.S, ADA Health
  • Kerrie Hotley, Senior VP and Technology Fellow at Optum
  • Karen Hotzberger SVP and GM at Diagnostics at Nuance
  • Dr. Steve LeBoeuf, President and Co-Founder at Valencell
  • John Showalter, Chief Product Officer at JVION
  • Jaydev Thakkar, COO at Biofourmis


The panelists ideas concerning the use of AI plus other ideas included:

  •  AI market for diagnostic imaging brings AI directly into the radiology workforce
  • AI simplifies healthcare and enables people to take better care of themselves
  • Precision medicine requires massive amounts of data
  • Doctors need to use AI and machine learning to improve the accuracy of the diagnosis
  • Feedback is needed to follow the AI regulatory path
  • The correct technology is needed at the right time to enable usable data
  • The focus needs to be on developing decision support tools
  • Address the need for better and easier to use technologies to help practices prevent further burnout
  • Include clinicians in the design process to increase adoption across siloes in medicine
  • Use AI to determine which patients can be managed at home when discharged from the hospital


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