HRSA Posts Funding Notice

HRSA’s Office For the Advancement of Telehealth, posted the funding notice Telehealth Technology-Enabled Learning Program (TTELP) (HRSA-21-107) with anticipated funding for $4,275,000 with applications due June 25, 2021.

The purpose of the program is to connect specialists at academic medical centers with Primary Care Providers (PCP) in rural, frontier, and underserved populations providing evidence-based training and support to help treat patients with complex conditions in their communities.

TTELP recipients will develop: 1) models that emphasize collaborative partnerships between providers (i.e., telementoring and 2) models such as Project ECHO, ECHO-like models, distance learning, clinical decision support, and other emerging models in the field.

The plan is to provide training and disseminate best practice specialty care to PCPs and care teams in rural, frontier, and underserved populations. The accessible tools and resources developed by TTELP will enhance rural patients’ access to quality care using telehealth and innovative solutions.

The program’s specific objectives are to:

  • Identify and expand new current and learning community programs to focus on COVID 19, HIV/AIDS, mental health, SUDs, prenatal and maternal health, chronic diseases and pediatric care
  • Develop accessible tools and resources to support learning community program’s planning and implementation
  • Identify and address healthcare disparities for rural, frontier, and underserved populations
  • Implement cost effective learning community programs to serve rural populations


Eligible applicants can include public or private nonprofits, for profits, private institutions of higher learning, Native American Tribal organizations, and state, county, city, governments.

For more information, go to or Contact Carlos Mena for questions, or phone (301) 443-3198.

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