Vibrent and VCU Collaborating

Vibrent Health is collaborating with Virginia Commonwealth University(VCU) to support their digital research capabilities to streamline how researchers across the university collect, manage, share, and utilize data.

Researchers at VCU led by VCU’s C. Kenneth and Dianne Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research (NIH NCATS-funded research center) will use the Digital Health Solutions Platform by Vibrent Health.

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need for digital recruitment and research management. The Vibrent platform enables organizations like VCU to collect, organize, and optimize more data from a more diverse population to discover potential treatments. The goal is to enable staff to devote more effort toward research while also increasing competitiveness in the grants process including grants for COVID-related studies.

This data-driven platform can increase the participation of traditionally underrepresented populations in clinical studies, standardize research processes and methods, provide a shared resource of data sets, accelerate research project timelines, and improve the university’s competitiveness in the grants process.

Digital tools advance how we collect, share, and analyze data to give our researchers whole health data that goes far beyond traditional surveys. It can help teams truly understand the biological, social, economic, and behavioral factors that impact individual patient’s health,” said Dr. F. Gerard Moeller, Wright Center Director at VCU.

The Vibrent platform builds off of their work developed in collaboration with NIH’s All of Us Research Program which aims to create the largest and most diverse health research resource of its kind. Participants share health information over time through surveys, EHRs, biospecimens, wearables, and other data sources. More than 379,132 participants in the NIH program have used the platform.

Virtual and remote methods powered by digital technologies assist health research to reach potential study participants in their locality. Vibrent’s digital health platform enables new data collection methods that leverage automation, improve engagement with a larger pool of research participants, and able to incorporate data from wearable and on-body devices.

“The health research market is transforming from relying on one-off legacy survey tools and disparate solutions to using emerging technologies that are integrated, interoperable, comprehensive, and cost effective, “ said Vibrent Health CEO Praduman “PJ” Jain.

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