Connected Market for Older Consumers

Parks Associates CONNECTIONS SUMMIT™ at CES held their online event January 14, 2021, featuring discussions on smart homes, Internet of Things (IoT), connected entertainment, trends, and future implications for connected consumers.

Elizabeth Parks conducted a Fireside Chat with Jake Alamat, VP & General Manager IoT Home & Consumer Products at Silicon Labs on the right way for the IoT consumer market to grow and prosper.  

He reports there is greater demand for interoperability and integrated solutions which require more privacy and security for devices. Also, consumers are affected by affordability, the need for devices to be easy to manage, and be safe to use in the home.

He explained that Silicon Labs is collaborating with Amazon to support Amazon Sidewalk, which is a shared network created by neighbors to help wireless devices work better, both at home and beyond.

An important Summit panel titled Independent Living and Smart Home moderated by Kristen Hanick Sr. Mkt Research Analyst at Parks, included thoughts and ideas from leaders with the latest knowledge on how to best serve the senior community that wishes to remain independent.

Rob Schneider, Sr VP Commercial Operations, OMRON Healthcare explained that OMRON’s goal is to provide the best personal health heart and respirator healthcare. He discussed how “VitalSight™, OMRON’s  first remote patient monitoring service and their new OMRON Connect 2.0 app are designed to give consumers more power in managing their hypertension, so  physicians will have more insights on how provide treatments.

According to Sarah Jones, VP Commercial Products Best Buy Health, 1 million seniors are able to age safety in smart homes. Connected healthcare using telehealth has been around for years, but since COVID-19, telehealth is now using remote patient monitoring, medication management devices, and safety systems to help seniors.

Andy Droney Sr. Director ADT Health & Innovation Programs reports that ADT’s business  focus is on smart home security and senior living. He also pointed out that families and caregivers in dealing with seniors aging at home, must face how to manage with  social isolation. To do this effectively, seniors are provided devices and apps to relieve isolation and to receive help when needed. Also, of interest to seniors is how to deal with transportation needs and the delivery of food.

Sunil Vulli, STO Medical Guardian, emphasized that it is possible for older adults to age in place through the use of innovative technology. For example, a medical alert systems provider enables the company’s Care@Home program to extend protection to seniors both inside and outside the home.

Ritch Haselden, GM & Senior VP Essence, USA mentioned Essence has released their cellular-enabled personal emergency response system with the new PERS 5G enabled system. The system is geared to  the senior independent living sector and provides activity monitoring, fall detection, and voice capabilities in the home.

In addition to the panel discussion, Parks Associates recently released the research report COVID-19:Impact on Seniors, Caregivers, and Independent Living Solutions. It reveals that nearly 33% of U.S seniors (ages 65 and older) are considering purchasing an independent living system. The research shows that the most popular service types used were phones and video chats, while 11% report using self-diagnosis apps.

For more information on the research report COVID-19: Impact on Seniors, Caregivers, and Independent Living Solutions, contact

Parks Associates also just announced their new whitepaper Next Evolution of Health IoT: Moving towards the Edge was developed in cooperation with Softeq Development Corporation. The whitepaper tracks the need for data collection, decisions analysis, and the integration of health services such as telehealth, virtual care, and the adoption of connected health solutions.

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