Hospital Creates InnoVentures

Tampa General Hospital (TGH) has created TGH InnoVentures, a venture capital fund to support early-stage startups and direct investments. TGH’s InnoVentures, will join leading medical centers engaged in venture capital investing.

TGH InnoVentures will directly invest in healthcare and healthcare-related companies. Through TGH InnoVentures, the hospital will partner with Embarc Collective, Tampa Bay’s innovation hub and education nonprofit, dedicated to helping startups grow into thriving businesses.

TGH InnoVentures will serve as Embarc Collective’s healthcare partner and be located in Tampa’s developing medical district to create an environment that will spur innovation and collaborations plus further attract private equity, venture capital, and bio scientists.

The hospital’s InnoVentures will have two other primary vehicles to include:

  • TGH Innovation Lab—Will serve as an onsite program to support team members and physicians improve operational efficiencies and the ability to solve problems within the organization
  • TGH Accelerator Program—The organization will invest and nurture early stage healthcare delivery companies as they prepare their business for the market


Rachel Feinman is joining Tampa General as Vice President for Innovation January 2021, to help launch and manage TGH InnoVentures. Rachel Feinman an intellectual property attorney, with a background in venture capital, comes to Tampa General from the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator (FIBA) where she served as the Executive Director.

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