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New consumer research and insights were presented by industry leaders at the Parks Associates virtual event Connected Health at Home: The Next Smart Home Market held September 16, 2020. Today, Parks Associates latest consumer data from a 2Q 2020 survey found that 42% of U.S. broadband households own at least one connected health device, including 28% owning a wearable, and 15% with a connected medical device.

Opening the session, Jennifer Kent, Senior Director, Parks Associates, pointed out that a great deal of progress has been made in using connected health at home which has given power to the consumer. COVID-19 has enabled telehealth services to be viewed as needed services and a must for consumers that want quick access to healthcare in these times.

With the onset of the coronavirus, one survey shows that the use of telehealth has nearly tripled. The thinking is that the connected health market has accelerated in use by five years. Also, today consumer technology is exploring many new opportunities with new devices here now and on the horizon for development.

A panel discussion held with Mark Francis, Chief Digital Health Integration Officer, at Electronic Caregiver, pointed out that the home market is now in the forefront since the pandemic created and brought forces to bear on the home market for several reasons.

He explained that forces affecting the home market today have resulted since baby boomers are older, there is a pandemic of chronic illnesses, more caregivers able to provide care to the elderly population, and probably most importantly is that 90% of seniors are living in their homes and do not want to leave.

He also mentioned the five pillars pushing the connected health at home market relates to the emphasis on the production of platforms not products, availability of artificial intelligence, more usable devices are available, data can be easily shared, and the connected health industry is working and cooperating with partners.

Mike Braham SVP/GM at Trapollo mentioned that the company has been addressing COVID-19 for a number of months. The company’s COVID 19 patient monitoring plan was built to provide rapid implementation, online appointment scheduling, plus provide symptom surveys to help low risk individuals track symptoms and avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency department. Also, as more symptoms emerged related to COVID-19, the patient monitoring plan is now tailored to monitor needed vitals.

Maneesh Goyal, Vice Chair for Corporate Development, at the Mayo Clinic, talked about the Mayo Clinic Platform which leverages emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, connected healthcare devices, and natural language processing to meet the health and medical needs of society today which may require connecting to the home.

According to Giresh Kumar, CTO, Gadgeon reports that digital healthcare has opened up a world of possibilities in the healthcare field since the company provides essential wearable and medical devices, but also performs healthcare analytics and testing.

Kerry Palakansis, DNP, APRN, Executive Director, Connect Care Operations, Intermountain Healthcare, pointed out how COVID 19 has produced vast changes by increasing telehealth visits greatly at Intermountain

She explained that a service called Intermountain at Home is available. This program is so important since it means that the patient does not need to be in the hospital but yet still needs hospital level care in the home. This program is designed around patients who are at risk for hospitalization or complications

It enables the patient to be admitted to the hospital but the patient can be at home if it is possible to connect with caregivers who are able to monitor their health status through Intermountain’s Advanced Clinical Information Systems.

The Intermountain systems provide remote monitoring, telemedicine, virtual urgent care visits, appointment-based video visits, home caregiver and family support tools, dialysis and intravenous medication, and physical therapy.

Parks Associates will launch CONNECTIONS Community in 2020 as an online conference and networking experience focused on the connected home and loT industries. Parks Associates will be hosting multiple networking events leading up to the main virtual conference on November 10-12, 2020.

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