New Tool Helps Rural Missourians

The University of Missouri System has a new tool to connect Missourians to the university system’s healthcare resources. The tool called the UM System Health Care Finder, is an interactive, searchable database. The Health Care Finder maps more than 200 health resources across the state.

In a state ranked 33 out of 50 in healthcare access and affordability and 37th in prevention and treatment, the tool provides information on healthcare services easily searchable and readily available to anyone in need, while also helping health providers and outreach workers locate which and where services are lacking or in need.

As part of the UM System Community Connect, the Health Care Finder enables Missourians to search with key words, zip codes, and geographic areas to find the healthcare resources they need. Relevant results next appear on an interactive map containing detailed information about each resource.

The Health Care Finder still receives regular additions and updates. There are plans to add additional layers of detail to the map tool to include local social and economic data and information about healthcare resources outside of the UM System, such as detailed information on local health departments.


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