Enli’s Patient Monitoring Successful

Under the leadership of the Enli Health Intelligence https://www.enli.net (Enli) company, Dr. Joe Siemiernczuk, Enli’s Chief Medical Office, has been using Enli’s COVID-19 Patient Monitoring System successfully. Enli’s care coordination solution is a cloud-based patient tracking program.

The system is currently available to healthcare providers and payers in 25 metro areas across 15 states and reports enrolling nearly 40,000 patients in less than 90 days using their Value Navigator ® platform.

Workflow and task support enable teams to record, manage, and monitor patients either under investigation or diagnosed with the coronavirus. Suspected or confirmed cases can be imported from any data source or added manually.

During import, the patient’s profile can be augmented with comorbidities and other risk factors as defined by CDC. Once processed, patients are sent to the COVID-19 program worklist for active management by the care team.

At this point, risk factors are automatically assessed so care coordinators can prioritize outreach. The care plan can be tailored for specific patients based on clinical and non-clinical factors that are accessible within the tool. All data can be easily exported to other health IT systems for processing, reporting, and storage.Enli has announced that their customers have enrolled nearly 40,000 patients in less than 90 days.

The journey to success began in early March 2020 when a regional hospital approached the company with an urgent appeal as they needed help to be able to respond to the abrupt influx of patients with COVID-19 symptoms.

Within four days, the Enli team reviewed CDC and WHO guidelines, configured the Central Worklist care coordination applications, and deployed the Patient Monitoring Program at the customer site for testing. By the end of the week, it went live at eight customer sites.

Go to https://www.healthit.gov/techlab/pg/node/4submission/3156 for information not only submitted by Enli but also for other information submitted to the ONC Tech Lab via healthcare technology by organizations investing in health IT and interoperability. The organization’s goals are to share, learn, and collaborate with similar stakeholders in the U.S and others worldwide

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