Monitoring Platform for COVID-19

A contract award for $656,420 made to Sonica Health, by Biomedical Advanced R&D Authority (BARDA). The funding will be used to expand their partnership to identify COVID-19 symptoms and other respiratory infections in high risk clinical populations via wearable sensors. before the onset of noticeable symptoms.

Sonica Health in conjunction with Northwestern University and Shirley Ryan AbilityLab researchers, is creating and implementing a set of symptom-driven algorithms specifically tailored to catch early signs and symptoms associated with COVID-19. Custom signal processing and machine learning is able to reveal subtle, yet critical insight into health status using the continuous streams of data collected and wirelessly transmitted to a data hub.

In addition, Sonica Health is working with Sibel Health to offer additional continuous pulse oximetry in one integrated digital health system. Sonica and Sibel Health  are spinouts of Northwestern University’s Querrey Simpson Institute for Bioelectronics.

Sonica Health is utilizing a bio-integrated, wearable patch called ADAM. The flexible wireless patch is a thin device about the size of a band aid and sits at the base of the throat. The device monitors cough intensity and patterns, chest wall movements, other respiratory sounds, heart rate, physical activity, and temperature.

Sonica Health is going to expand the platform to include the option to deploy Sibel Health’s ANNETM One Platform, an ICU grade wearable sensor system with the ability to add continuous pulse oximetry and electrocardiography.



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